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Who Says Electric Cars Won't Work in the Cold?

Cold Car The oil lobby would like you to think EVs won't work in cold weather. Here's proof that they can! The actual temperature was around zero degrees F, but since this temperature sign was in direct sunlight, it read 6 degrees. Still pretty chilly...

Our EV is Here!

Monday, December 22, 1997 was a big day around here -- Our electric car finally arrived. It was supposed to be completed in late October but production delays pushed it back a couple of months. But it did finally get here and it's working like a champ. Here are some photos!

Tom & Car In Progress Here's Tom with the Force as it appeared on October 23 -- It was in production at the Solectria manufacturing facility in Wilmington, MA. Tom was taking a one-day technical training course in order to be more familiar with the car's systems.

At this point in the conversion process, the Geo Metro engine and fuel tank had been removed, as well as the seats, in preparation for the basic conversion.

Car Plug Here's a classic shot that just about every EV owner has taken -- The former gas tank filler lid flips open to reveal the 220-volt recharge plug! Fill 'er up!

(One of these days we're going to pull in to a full-service gas station and see what happens...)

Engine Compartment Here's a shot under the hood of our EV -- No engine, just a battery box, controller, electric motor and a kerosene-powered auxiliary heat system (the only part of the car that isn't pollution-free). We only plan to use it on very cold days when the car's electric heat won't cut it.
Power Selector The car's shift has been replaced with a simple rotary control which allows the driver to put the car in reverse or three forward power settings.
Dashboard The dashboard's got a power display to the left of the speedometer -- it shows how much energy you've used -- In this photo we were recharging after using 44 amp-hours of energy. The display runs backwards during recharging and here reads 38.69. When fully recharged, the display reads 0.00.
Force Side View The nose of the Force in our garage.

As you can see, it looks just like a '97 Geo Metro, but with Solectria markings.

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