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See How Our 1997 Solectria Force and
1995 Solectria E-10 are Doing!


About Us And Our Car General information and frequently asked questions about the Force
EV Power Monitoring We keep detailed records on power used in charging our car. Follow this link to view the tables!
EV Links There's lots of EV information on the Web. Here's where we keep our links to some of it!
Our Photo Album We have a number of photos of our Solectria in action.
The E-10 Project We're restoring a 1995 Solectria E-10 pickup truck!  Check out the whole story...
The Force Upgrade Our 1997 Force is getting a battery upgrade to double its mileage!
Our Honda Insight Our hybrid gas/electric car, for long-distance use


Our Force Gets an Upgrade! -- When we bought our Force, we couldn't afford to get advanced batteries and opted for lead-acid technology.  Now we're replacing the battery pack with Saft nickel-cadmium batteries.  Follow the conversion details here.

We Get Our Second EV! -- We've bought a used Solectria E-10 pickup truck.  Follow the restoration here.

Our Wisconsin Road Trip -- Tom drove the Force 150 miles to Amherst, Wisconsin for a renewable energy fair. Read about the trip here.

Our Force Now 100% Pollution-Free! -- On May 24, 1999, we powered up our rooftop photovoltaic (PV) array, a set of 27 electric solar panels. The result? Our car is now operated completely on sunlight! Check out our new Photovoltaics page for more information, including energy generation details!

We Drove an EV-1 -- In February, we stopped in Los Angeles for a couple of days on our way to Hawaii. While there, we rented an EV-1 (GM's electric car) from EV Rental Cars at Budget Rent-A-Car at LAX. We drove the car 284 miles in two days, including a trip to Santa Barbara (210 mile round trip)! It was a great experience, and we'll be writing more about it in the near future. Here's a photo of our shiny red EV-1 charging in the parking garage at the Airport Hilton:

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