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Mark L. Villemaire
Tyngsboro, MA

Pollution-Free Miles:


Mark writes:

I received my Force on 10 Aug.  I've driven it about 180 miles already, so I may reach my goal of 15K+ in the next year.  My company is also installing an outlet for me to use this winter.

Update 5/29/01 -- Mark writes:  I won't get 15,000 miles on it before the state takes it back.  I had a problem with the special power cable provided for opportunity charging, which caused me to drive very little for 2.5 months.

Update 10/20/03 -- Mark writes:  The states program ended 30 June 2001, so I purchased Olaf's 1993 Solectria on the 1 July 2001.  I put 9796 miles on the state car before turning it over to UMASS Lowell on 20 Aug 2001.  I've driven the 1993 Solectria 20868 miles by 20 Oct 2003. I installed batteries heaters for winter driving.  I put 15230 miles on my first set of Trojan SCS200 at $984, the first 3 batteries died at 12577 miles so I put in some old batteries.  I only got 3700 miles on a set of Interstate Group 27 batteries at $702.  I've now installed my second set of Trojan SCS200 at $1080.  I've used 5384 KWH from the wall for 20868 miles driven, for 3.88 miles per KWH.  This includes the electricity used for the battery heaters.

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