Solectria Owner Profile:

David Roden
Kent, Ohio

Pollution-Free Miles:


David acquired his 1991 force in early 1999.  It was originally owned by Arizona Public Service utility, and was then sold to Lanette Racine and Kathy Watson a few years later.  When they replaced it with a GM EV-1, David bought it from them.  Reportedly, this is the very first Solectria Force ever built!

At last report, David was upgrading the drive components and battery pack.


The early Force instrumentation and controls.

Drive/Neutral/Reverse selector to right of steering wheel, amp-hour counter (aka fuel gauge) at bottom of instrument panel.

Looks like a regular Geo Metro -- But the future is electric!
Under the hood.

Silver drive motor at center, with black motor controller box forward.

David's Force is equipped with electrically-driven air conditioning (lower left).

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