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John McCain
Mahomet, IL

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John writes:

I Purchased this Solectria Force ('92 Geo Metro) the last week of September, 2000.  It was originally owned by a Minnesota power company, and was purchased new by them in 1992. New cost was $34,000... my cost was CONSIDERABLY lower. This Force has most of the options.... A/C, electric &  kerosene heaters, automatic transmission, on-board "super" charger. It came with some 2 year old (probably abused) batteries; and so far, I only get about 20-25 miles on a charge.  It's 8 years old, and only racked up about 13,000 miles, so I'm sure it's in need of maintenance as well as new batteries.  Now, the project begins.  I will be using it for a 22 mile daily commute (16 miles on Interstate highway), but am having trouble getting it away from my wife, who likes to use it for her in-town errands.

Update 5/29/01 -- It now has about 15,000 miles on it... and climbing.  After it sat out the worst of the winter in the garage, the Force is back in daily use... commuting about 25 miles per day.  And, I'm still able to postpone the purchase of new batteries!


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