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Earl Killian
Los Altos Hills, CA

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Earl writes:

I was on the GM EV1 waiting list for almost a year, when I got their letter saying they were all allocated.  So I went out and found Solectria.

I got my Solectria Force on the 10th of May.  This is my first EV, but Will Beckett has been very helpful in getting up to speed on all the issues.  The car currently has 688 miles on it.  I drive almost 40 miles round trip to work and back every weekday with the car (and I don't charge at work).

When I registered the car at the DMV on May 11th, there was another one in the parking lot!  Solectria shipped a total of six on that car carrier, two of which were delivered to this area.

Earl has changed his battery pack once since acquiring the vehicle.

Update: November 2013:

Here's an update on Snow White, my Solectria Force:

At 25,122 miles Snow White was upgraded to use 49 GBS 100 Ah cells and a 5 kW charger with a J1772 outlet for charging. The work was done by Nate's Green Garage in Berkeley. On her maiden drive she did 47.8 miles using 52.31 Ah (or 1.09 Ah/mi, or 172 Wh/mi), and the SOC went from 100% to 46%.

The Force appears to be significantly more efficient than my other EVs (Silver Bullet is a 2011 Nissan Leaf, and White Lightning is a 2013 Tesla Model S) based on the Wh/mi measured above, so she will be the first choice for local driving.


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