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Kaukauna Electric
Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Pollution-Free Miles:


Kaukauna's Jim Brown writes:

We use the electric vehicle for meter reading purposes.  We track the KWH, miles, stops and efficiency of the car on a monthly basis.  The results are published on the Kaukauna Electric website,  We make an economic comparison to a gas vehicle that gets 25 miles per gallon.

Kaukauna has run the car for over a year now and so far are very pleased with the performance.  The remaining variables are the durability and maintenance.  As time goes on we expect to have information on these two factors as well.

The car has received a lot of attention over the last year.  Local TV and local and regional newspapers have done stories on the car.  We have also displayed the car at many events.  The latest rise in gas prices has created a lot of interest.



Kaukauna Electric maintains a website at, and has details on their Force here.


Kaukauna's 1999 Force, photographed at their hydroelectric generating facility.

Note the "Hydro Powered" decal -- This vehicle is 100% pollution-free!

The Kaukauna Force at the 1999 Midwest Renewable Energy Association energy expo in Amherst, Wisconsin.

The car was on display with a number of other EVs, including the Hudson/O'Connell 1997 Force.

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