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Craig Childers
Davis, CA

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Craig writes:

I own 3 1992 "Force" models which were built in the first big "hurry up and get 'em out" batch at Solectria. They were originally purchased by SMUD and were extensively modified by them to test batteries and battery management systems. The AC motor versions cost >$30k each originally. The 5-speed version was ~$27k and is equipped with a DC brushless motor drive that retains the original transaxle. All of them have air conditioners.  When OEM EVs became available, SMUD immediately began leasing these newer EVs and dumped the Solectrias at auction. They had well over $250k invested in them with modification costs and experimental batteries.

I am rebuilding one of the two AC motor-equipped cars (VIN 2C1MR2467N6703799) this summer and plan to have it on the road by October if all goes well. It will be upgraded to a Brusa AMC 320 drive system, SAFT NiCd batteries, and a Brusa 3.3 kW charger. I think that Mike Bianchi? might be doing almost exactly the same upgrade as I am. Apparently, you can now buy a parts "kit" from Solectria (without batteries) for $14k that will be very similar to the systems I am installing.


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