Solectria Owner Profile:

Mike Bianchi
Madison, New Jersey

Pollution-Free Miles:


Mike bought his 1995 Solectria Force in 1995 directly from Solectria.  It was delivered in late November, with the radio and air-conditioning extras.

He has driven it continuously as a "town car" since then, and has all the original equipment.

Added BADICHEQ BAttery DIagnostic CHarging and EQualization system in late 1996 to collect battery pack charging data.

Changed out 1 of the 13 battery blocks in late 1998, after the BADICHEQ identified block number 6 as significantly weaker than the others.  The rest are still original blocks, although number 5 may need to be replaced soon. The BADICHEQ has seen over 1000 charge/discharge cycles on the battery pack since it was installed.

The car has never been driven "hard" or to the edge of total discharge.

Typical trips are 25 miles or less, average is probably 10 miles.


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