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Peter Belden
Palo Alto, California

Pollution-Free Miles:


Peter writes:

My name is Peter Belden and I drive a 1999 Force that I bought from It's Electric in San Rafael, CA in January 2000.  It has 5,500 miles on it with lead acid batteries and so far I've only had to replace the charger, which died spontaneously.  But the dealer came to my house right away and replaced it at no charge since it shouldn't have died like that.  My Force is the first and only car I've ever had.  In college I set a goal to take public transit and not own a car until I could find an alternative fuel vehicle and the Force enabled me to reach that goal. 

After much back and forth I'm now finally able to plug in the car at work into a 110 outlet after the 16 mile one way trip.  With some help from my local Electric Auto Association I now also have an adapter that enables me to charge at Avcon chargers as well. 

A few questions: While I already have an Electric Auto Association sun shield, I'm still looking for a car cover that says Electric Car on it, or some sort of electric car banner that I could attach to a blank car cover. 


Peter and his blue 1999 Force.
Peter's Force.  Note the "It's Electric" plate and nifty "Electric" decal.

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