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Welcome to the Solectria Owners website.  This is a place where you can see how owners of Solectria vehicles are using their electric vehicles (EVs) to commute, work and play.

Not Affiliated With Solectria!

This website is an independent effort, and we have no financial stake in Solectria Corporation.  Our goal is to allow people to see how EVs can and do work for ordinary people as well as fleet owners.  Many people don't have access to resources to set up their own web pages, so this website was designed to allow them to put up information on themselves and their vehicles.

Pollution-Free Mileage Total

When you drive a normal internal-combustion vehicle, the tailpipe emits a wide range of pollutants, from particulates to benzene to carbon monoxide and dioxide -- A car which gets 25 MPG emits about a pound of pollution per mile!  EVs have no tailpipe emissions -- Some pollution is generated to create the electricity used for charging the batteries, but this is typically far less than that for a comparable internal-combustion vehicle.  The EV owners listed on this website each have a "pollution-free miles" value on their page, and the current total miles is shown below:

 Total Pollution-Free Miles: 

This is the equivalent of over 109 tons of tailpipe pollution eliminated by 18 vehicles!  Imagine how much pollution could be reduced if more people drove EVs.

Meet The Owners!

The table below lists owners who have profile pages on this website -- Simply click on the name and read about them and their vehicles.




Margot Beckett
Will Beckett
Peter Belden
Craig Childers
Charles Convis

Andrew Foss
Earl Killian
John Osborn

Georgia Stephen Taylor


John McCain


Olaf Bleck
Mark Villemaire
Joe Soboda

New Jersey

Mike Bianchi


David Roden


Gordon Stallings


Garth Marriott
Rick and Julie Durst


Tom Hudson & Elizabeth O'Connell
Kaukauna Electric
Tim Prior

You're Invited!

If you own or use a Solectria vehicle and you aren't in our list, please let us know!  We'd love to add you to our website.  There's no cost or obligation.  Just drop us an email following the link below.  You can have as much or as little information in your profile as you like.


Charging the Force

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This website is an independent operation, and not affiliated with Solectria Corporation in any way.